An Appeal from the IAF

Bishop Andrew Mukuyamba has episcopal responsibility for all of the country of Zambia in south central Africa — the Continuing Anglican Church in Zambia (CACZ). Parishes have been established in three of the country’s ten provinces , the furthest one being 372 miles from the Bishop’s headquarters in the capital of Lusaka. A variety of issues negatively impact his ability to perform his duties:

  • Most CACZ churches are in rural areas.
  • In many cases, roads are mere dirt footpaths.
  • Public transportation is expensive and extremely unreliable.
  • Travel times necessary for pastoral care and visits are therefore unnecessarily long and wasteful.

The IAF Board of Directors has recommended that the Fellowship undertake a project to purchase an appropriate vehicle for the Bishop. To date, over $US 5800 has been contributed and earmarked for this purpose. The goal is to raise $16,000 before the end of August 2017. Vehicle maintenance, fuel, repairs , etc., will be funded by the CACZ. If you would like to participate, please send a check, payable to the: International Anglican Fellowship and earmarked “Bishop’s Vehicle” to:

Erv Lischke
1760 Red Crow Rd
Victor, MT 59875

(Call Erv at 406-642-3085 with any questions)

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